Vice Media put out a short video showing Black women leaving the United States to escape racism. It specifically focuses in on a group of Black women taking a trip to Costa Rica as part of an all-Black female vacation experience.

Pretty racist I would say. What would they say if Whites put together a White’s only vacation experience? They would most likely cry about it and demand it be shut down because of racism.

The point being is that you can’t demand a safe space for Blacks and criticize Whites for wanting their own spaces at the same time. It’s entirely hypocritical.

This is why Blacks need to be sent back to Africa. This will eliminate all of the racial strife that comes with diversity and multiculturalism. Racial integration doesn’t work and these Black women seem to be very happy being among other Black women. So let’s work to re-institute segregation for the benefit of all. What is so hard about this?