This is pretty wild. Movie critics are basically giving the upcoming “We Wuz Kangz” film Black Panther a near perfect score. It currently sits at 99 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer and it was previously at 100 percent just a few days ago. It’s as if these critics have been ordered to give the movie a perfect score or be called out as a nigger hating racist.

But do they really believe that audiences are going to go out in droves to see a superhero film centered around a bunch of Negroes? The whole thing feels like it is being force fed down everyone’s throats. Especially since it is being released during Black History Month etc..

The good news is that we can use this film as a way to convince Blacks how much better their lives would be in Africa. The movie shows that Blacks in an isolated environment away from Whites can create an advanced society on their own. Some of them already believe this so it isn’t going to be that hard to convince them. In fact, we might even be able to convince these Blacks that Wakanda the African nation depicted in the movie is a real place.

Just look at some of these tweets.

Let’s try and use this film to convince Blacks to move back to Africa. They can be Kangz without the White man keeping them down!