The Jew news media made this story into a big deal yesterday. After all, they love to use any rampage shooting to justify gun control and further destroying the Second Amendment. But when they found out that the shooter was black, we are already seeing the story start to get buried into the ether.


A man being fired from his job has shot dead five people and injured several police officers at his workplace in the US state of Illinois.

The gunman was killed during an exchange of fire with police. The five victims have now been named.

The shooting took place at a manufacturing firm in Aurora, a suburb about 40 miles (64km) west of Chicago.

Police named the suspect as Gary Martin, 45, who had worked at the Henry Pratt company for 15 years.

Aurora police chief Kristen Ziman said the suspect had armed himself and then attended a meeting at which he was being sacked.

You can bet that if the shooter was a White male, this story would be front and center in the Jew news cycle for the next week. But with the shooter being black, it does not help the Jewish media push the proper anti-White and gun control narratives. The shooter also obtained the gun illegally which proves the fact that criminals who are determined enough will get their hands on a gun regardless of what laws are in place.

Not only that, but the media seems really angry at Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration and want people screaming their two minutes of hate about that instead.

But more importantly, this just illustrates what a fucked up place America is in 2019. The reason rampage shootings have become so common place is that we have a society that is being directed and managed by Jewish social engineers. It’s causing lots of people to go crazy and when adversity strikes, some can’t deal with it and they decide to kill lots of people with a gun.