The Jewish backed terrorist group known as “Black Lives Matter” decided to block the light rail in Minneapolis before the Super Bowl.

These niggers never have any specific or credible demands. They are just there to racially agitate and cause problems for people.


As Super Bowl fever grips the US, activists are taking the opportunity to highlight their own agenda. On Sunday, dozens of protesters blocked a rail line reserved for Super Bowl ticket holders.

The series of protests, spearheaded by Black Lives Matter, rocked Minneapolis Sunday, as activists seized the occasion to draw attention to a number of causes, ranging from police brutality to corporate greed to lack of support for the poor.

About 30 activists, chanting “Black lives, they matter there,” took part in the blockade of Metro Transit’s Green Line at the West Bank Station. The protesters were clad in black jerseys emblazoned with: “You can’t play with Black Lives.” They formed a human chain and locked themselves to the railing. It took police two hours to clear out the site, cutting protesters free from the fence and clearing the activists.

Them being against police brutality is just code for them wanting to be able to attack police and not have to face consequences.

This whole protest was insane but it’s pretty clear that Jews are paying these niggers to do this. Do you really think these niggers would stand out in brutally cold weather like this if they weren’t getting paid?