Bill Gates a highly overrated computer software salesman, is funding all sorts of bizarre projects to fight fake problems that don’t really exist. He’s literally funding a project that involves flying a big balloon into the air that will spray chalk into the atmosphere. All this to dim the sun and fight changes in the weather.

Talk about weird. We have real environmental problems like plastic waste and other things that need our immediate attention. But Gates is not concerned about solving real problems.

Gates has all sorts of other goofy things he’s trying to do. Whatever he is trying to accomplish, I can pretty much assure you that they are not for our benefit. This is a man who pretty much bought the entire industry that dealt with viruses and from there they  architected and supported the coronavirus hoax. The world as it existed before March 2020 is not coming back and that is largely because of Gates and his numerous underlings.

He is one very evil bastard that’s for sure. He should be arrested for all sorts of high crimes.