The sadistic evil lunatic Bill Gates is claiming that we should be back to normal by the end of 2022 thanks to all of these experimental mRNA vaccines he has championed.


The world should be back to normal by the end of 2022 thanks to COVID-19 vaccines, Bill Gates said in an interview for Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and television broadcaster TVN24.

“This is an incredible tragedy,” the Microsoft co-founder said on the pandemic, adding that the only good news was the access to vaccines.

“By the end of 2022 we should be basically completely back to normal,” Gates said.

Gates, a billionaire who stepped down as chairman of Microsoft Corp in 2014, has through his philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation committed at least $1.75 billion to the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes support for some makers of vaccines, diagnostics and potential treatments.

I can assure you that things will not be fully back to normal by 2022. The world as it existed before March 2020 is not coming back. This insane virus hoax and the insane responses to it have created untold economic, psychological and societal damage that won’t be undone for a very long time. In fact, the damage might not be undone in many of our lifetimes.

Even if all the lockdowns and mask bullshit was ended tomorrow, repairing things would take a very long time. And we know for a fact, that the lunatics running things have no interest in implementing real tangible solutions to the actual problems we have. They are instead interested in making things worse.