Bibi has just announced a plan to annex even more of the West Bank.

Jerusalem Post:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that if reelected, he will apply sovereignty over all settlements in Judea and Samaria, starting with the Jordan Valley.

Netanyahu said the steps would be taken in coordination with the administration of US President Donald Trump. He revealed that Trump intends to announce his Middle East peace plan soon after the September 17 election, adding that he would wait with his annexation plan until after Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is revealed.

“I will not do anything without getting a clear mandate from the public, and so the citizens of Israel, I ask you for a clear mandate to do this,” Netanyahu said in his statement that he delivered at Ramat Gan’s Kfar Maccabiah Hotel. “There is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something with broad consensus and bring safe permanent borders to the State of Israel. This will ensure that Judea and Samaria do not become Gaza, and that Kfar Saba, Netanya and Tel Aviv will not become like communities along the border of Gaza.”

Pointing to a map of the Jordan Valley, he said Israel could carry out the plan without annexing a single Palestinian, and ensuring that Palestinians maintain complete freedom of movement throughout the West Bank. He hinted that the plan had been coordinated with the US.

The ultimate plan of people like Bibi and other Zionists is to implement “Greater Israel” which they believe is the land promised to them by their crazy volcano god.

So this announcement to annex more land is not a surprise. They’ve already shown that they are willing to kill millions of people and genocide populations in order to establish their “Greater Israel.”