The two BASED black women Diamond and Silk were invited to testify in front of Congress a few days ago. You might recall that they have been big Donald Trump supporters and have produced a number of popular pro-Trump videos. They’ve made appearances at Trump campaign rallies and have also been on Fox News from time to time.

They were brought up several times when the evil Jew overlord of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg delivered his Congressional testimony. That’s because Facebook was actively censoring their material and they made a big fuss about it.

What was interesting about their appearance is how much hostility they received from the blacks representatives questioning them. They tried to claim that they were evil because they received a little over a thousand dollars in reimbursements for travel accommodations from the Trump campaign. They also tried to claim that they were bad because they received money from the videos that they produced. They even got lectured about being under oath even though Congress never bothered to put Zuckerberg under oath.

Mark Dice did a good video dissecting some of what went on.

And here’s the full interaction with Hank Johnson.

This is the same dumbass nigger who thought that Guam would tip over into the ocean if there were too many people on it.

And here’s their interaction with Sheila Jackson Lee another idiotic nigger in Congress.

But what’s happened here with Diamond and Silk is a fantastic development. They are forcing Congress to take a broader look at social media censorship. If laws are passed giving Diamond and Silk protections, there’s a good chance that those protections will be extended to lots of other people including us. At the very least, it’s drawing more attention to the whole problem and that’s critical.

More importantly, we are beginning to see more and more black people start to question the existing political establishment. While it’s true that Kanye West probably came out saying good things about Trump for ulterior purposes, the cultural impact his statements have had is a real thing. It is also a sign that the Democrat party could be starting to lose some control over the black vote. And why wouldn’t this happen? They’ve spent more time pandering to illegal aliens than blacks.

We need to support these BASED blacks because it is to our political advantage at the moment. If Jews can use blacks and other minorities against us, there is no reason why we can’t take advantage of BASED blacks whenever the opportunity presents itself.