The theory that gun control stops gun violence is an utterly retarded concept. The gun control crowd was using Australia as an example of how gun control prevents gun violence. As this recent mass shooting proves, it doesn’t prevent shit.

News 9:

Seven people were found dead with gunshot wounds at a property near the tourist town of Margaret River in Australia’s southwest on Friday in what could be the country’s worst mass shooting in 22 years, police said. The bodies of three adults and four children and two guns were found at a rural property at the village of Osmington, Western Australia state Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said.

The bodies of two adults were found outside a building on the property and the rest were found inside. They all resided at the property, he said.

Police have no information to raise concerns about wider public safety. Police were led to the property by a phone call before dawn, Dawson said.

He would not comment on the possibility of murder-suicide or the identity of the caller.

“Police are currently responding to what I can only describe as a horrific incident,” Dawson told reporters.

The only thing gun control does is ensure that criminals and other bad actors have access to guns and good people have nothing to defend themselves with. That’s because criminals don’t give a fuck if they’re breaking the law to get a gun.

Australia has some of the most stringent gun controls imaginable and those laws did nothing to prevent this incident from happening. Gun control is a retarded concept and the people who promote it thinking it will 100 percent solve the problem of gun violence are idiotic people incapable of logical thought.

It’s also stupid to think that laws can prevent all bad things from happening. The people who believe this are not operating in the real world.

Looks like David Hogg will have to come up with a new anti-gun talking point now!