These technology companies are having a hard time trying to convince these AI systems that they are developing to embrace Jew-enforced societal norms. It is being reported that Apple actually had to rewrite Siri to avoid answering questions about feminism and #MeToo.


An internal project to rewrite how Apple’s Siri voice assistant handles “sensitive topics” such as feminism and the #MeToo movement advised developers to respond in one of three ways: “don’t engage”, “deflect” and finally “inform”.

The project saw Siri’s responses explicitly rewritten to ensure that the service would say it was in favour of “equality”, but never say the word feminism – even when asked direct questions about the topic.

Last updated in June 2018, the guidelines are part of a large tranche of internal documents leaked to the Guardian by a former Siri “grader”, one of thousands of contracted workers who were employed to check the voice assistant’s responses for accuracy until Apple ended the programme last month in response to privacy concerns raised by the Guardian.

In explaining why the service should deflect questions about feminism, Apple’s guidelines explain that “Siri should be guarded when dealing with potentially controversial content”. When questions are directed at Siri, “they can be deflected … however, care must be taken here to be neutral”.

For those feminism-related questions where Siri does not reply with deflections about “treating humans equally”, the document suggests the best outcome should be neutrally presenting the “feminism” entry in Siri’s “knowledge graph”, which pulls information from Wikipedia and the iPhone’s dictionary.

There’s also some feminist bitch claiming that tech companies need to hire more female programmers to solve this conundrum they find themselves in.

Sam Smethers, the chief executive of women’s rights campaigners the Fawcett Society, said: “The problem with Siri, Alexa and all of these AI tools is that they have been designed by men with a male default in mind. I hate to break it to Siri and its creators: if ‘it’ believes in equality it is a feminist. This won’t change until they recruit significantly more women into the development and design of these technologies.”

Yeah nice try. Women are terrible programmers and engineers. That’s why there are so few of them. You need to apply logic and reason in the tech world which is something females lack. Their decision-making is based off of emotion and not logic.

If a team of women got together and tried to create an AI system, it would never get developed.

AI is only going to operate off of logic and reason. The fact that we see companies trying to circumvent this process is hilarious because it shows that all of these Jew-enforced societal norms are illogical and without reason.

It sure would be something if AI is actually the thing that brings down this evil Jewish system we are surrounded with.

Just remember what happened with Tay. They had to pull the plug on her because she started tweeting about how Adolf Hitler was right and how she hated the Jews.