Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is trying to claim that a “Green New Deal” FAQ she posted on the Internet is a fake promoted by Republicans. This after she came under immense criticism for some of her very insane proposals.

Unfortunately for her, she has been caught in a lie. All the insanity is documented on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. It clearly shows that some of the more crazy proposals like giving economic security to people who are unwilling to work was indeed posted on her Congressional website.

One of her policy advisers was on Tucker Carlson’s show this past Friday and he falsely claimed that the information Tucker was asking him about was from a fake document. This lie was called out by a number of people on Twitter.

They were apparently using Mark Dice’s satire mocking the “Green New Deal” as justification to claim that the original FAQ they posted was doctored. Dice explained what went down.

Talk about a ridiculous situation. AOC and her advisers will probably respond to this by claiming they were hacked or some other goofy shit.