Somebody needs to relay the message to the anti-Trump cuck John Kasich that centrist politics is dead. He was on Fox News telling the Jew Chris Wallace that he’s seriously looking at a 2020 presidential run.

When you listen to this guy talk, he sounds no different than all the other anti-Trump propagandists on the Jewish media. He’s totally unenthusiastic about securing the border, has no problem with low IQ savages flooding into the country and is critical of Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria. It’s as if he thinks it is still the 1990s or the 2000s.

I honestly don’t know what type of person would support this guy though. The Republican Party is now fully behind Trump populism hence why we’ve seen a swift exit of various Jews and neocons. And the Democrat Party is filled with faggots, Jews, coloreds and Marxists. The entire political landscape has become very polarized.

He says he’s considering all options including challenging Trump in the Republican primaries or potentially an independent run. Neither will be successful. And besides, this clown doesn’t even know how to eat pizza properly. He might want to figure that out first before launching another presidential campaign.