The Jew-run media has been trying to push this meme that using the term “globalists” is anti-Semitic and therefore can’t be said. It is a dumb strategy as all it is doing is revealing that the vast majority of people pushing globalism are Jewish.

Ann Coulter was trolling the Jews over this on Twitter.

The Jews are having some problems. There are mainstream figures who are either directly or indirectly exposing the Jews now. I expect this number to grow.

We’ve seen Paul Nehlen come out and openly expose the kikes. Wayne LaPierre from the National Rifle Association exposed a huge list of gun grabbing Jews at CPAC. Now you have Ann Coulter once again exposing Jewish chicanery with some trolling.

The Jews should be concerned. Nobody gives a shit if they are called an anti-Semite or whatever and for the past several decades that has been their sole propaganda strategy. It doesn’t look as if they have a plan B either.