An angry Negroid in Virginia went into his place of work and killed 12 people. He was eventually killed after a gun battle with police.


The 12 people who were fatally shot in a Virginia Beach government building were remembered Saturday during a somber news conference and prayer vigil as officials sought to put the focus on those who died and not the gunman.

Police Chief James Cervera identified the assailant as DeWayne Craddock, who was employed for 15 years as an engineer with the city’s utilities department. He declined to comment on a motive for Friday’s rampage, which ended with Craddock’s death in a gun battle with police. City officials uttered his name just once and said they would not mention it again.

City Manager Dave Hansen said he had worked for years with many of the dead, 11 of whom were city employees. The 12th was a contractor trying to get a permit.

What is interesting about this story is that it is very difficult to find a picture of the shooter. When the media wasn’t plastering a picture of the shooter everywhere, I immediately assumed that it was a non-White who did the mass shooting. That’s because the media will only plaster the photos of mass shooters if they are White due to their inherent bias against White people.

Of course, when I saw that his first name was “DeWayne” it became obvious that the shooter was black. Only blacks would name their child something as retarded as “DeWayne.”

But shit, the only images you can find of the shooter are low resolution photos. Considering that he just killed 12 people, you’d think the media would have dug up all sorts of photos by now.

This just shows that the media is conspiring to conceal the fact that the individual who did the mass shooting was a full blooded Negroid.