Andrew Anglin debated Sargon of Akkad the leader of a bizarre individualist, liberalist internet cult today. Sargon and his followers have also been referred to as the skeptics community. They rose to prominence during #GamerGate by mocking social justice warriors and other degenerates. After defeating all these fools, they have attacked the Alt-Right as part of an effort to remain relevant on the tubes.

Sargon already embarrassed himself during a previous live stream debate with Richard Spencer. He managed to do it again debating Anglin.

I thought Anglin easily won. Throughout the live stream Sargon contradicted himself on numerous topics and refused to directly answer questions. I lost track of how many times this happened because he was doing it so much.

Sargon is just an obnoxious personality. I honestly don’t understand how someone like this has the number of followers that he does. His irritating personality was fully on display throughout the live stream.

After showing up over a half an hour late, he proceeded to spend the first part of the stream talking about how he didn’t want to debate but wanted to have a conversation. The rest of the stream was him avoiding the main concept presented by Anglin arguing that Whites have a right to their own homeland. He basically claimed that Whites can’t have their own homeland because of theoretical logistical issues and that a secret liberalist plan he has will ensure that Whites won’t die off in the name of multiculturalism. He further claimed that because of individual rights, we can’t throw out all the brown and black sludge that have invaded our lands. It was a bunch of incoherent and insane babble.

Sargon also said that this was probably going to be the last time he debates somebody in the Alt-Right.

Overall, the general public agrees that Anglin won. Sargon apparently lost hundreds of YouTube subscribers after the debate which says all we need to know.

Sargon should seriously consider quitting the internet after this terrible performance.