In Amsterdam, a man with a Palestinian flag smashed up a Jew restaurant. He appears to be upset at the President of the United States declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Apparently this man forgot that Jews are God’s chosen people.

Jewish Press:

On the morning after US President Donald Trump had declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, a Muslim wrapped in a Palestinian flag arrived at the Israeli-owned Carmel kosher restaurant in Amsterdam and smashed its window, Israeli media reported.

The man approached the restaurant shouting, “Allahu Akbar,” and seconds later he lifted a rod and smashed the front window –while police were standing nearby and did not interfere.

He then went into the restaurant, which was empty, and came out carrying an Israeli flag, in order to destroy it, At which point the police intervened and arrested him.

This dude sounds like he has some real anger management problems. It is such a shame that people are attacking Jews like this, especially after 60 trillion of them were gassed in shower rooms.

People just need to accept the fact that Jerusalem is property of the Jews. God gave Jerusalem to them and there is nothing these hateful anti-Semites can do about it.