Nine Americans from Utah were just killed by warring drug cartels in Mexico. I have no idea why a White family was living down there but they were Mormons so maybe they were doing religious missionary bullshit.

Daily Mail:

A flat tire could have put three American Mormon mothers and six of their children in the crossfire of battling Mexican drug cartels after they were massacred in northern Mexico – as President Donald Trump has waged a war on the ‘monsters’ responsible.

The victims, who belonged to the LeBaron family, were ambushed by cartel gunmen eight miles apart on a dirt road in the Mexican border state of Sonora on Monday while traveling in a convoy of three SUVs.

The mothers were driving in separate vehicles with their children from the La Mora religious community where they live, which is a decades-old settlement in Sonora state founded as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

One of the SUVs is believed to have suffered a flat tire on a dirt road prior to the massacre, relatives told

Mexico’s top security official Alfonso Durazo has blamed cartel gunmen for the gruesome attack and said they may have mistaken the group’s large SUVs for rival gangs.

Nine of the LeBaron family members were slaughtered in the massacre. Six children were wounded in the attack and five have since been transferred to hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona.

The slaughter of U.S. citizens on Mexican soil quickly became an international issue with Trump on Tuesday vowing to help Mexico wage a war on its drug cartels.

The orange man is indeed vowing to wage a war on the drug cartels but only with help from Mexico’s government. The thing is, Mexico’s government is weak and will likely not help the orange man with this.

There’s really no need to ask permission from Mexico. Using military forces to destroy these cartels would actually be a legitimate use of American military power. These cartels and all the savages in Mexico are much more of a national security threat to the United States than any country in the Middle East. But since the American military only exists to defend the interests of Jews and Israel, it is doubtful any military action in Mexico will happen. Who knows though, maybe the orange man will surprise me.

There really should be some type of retaliation for this though. Why not some drone strikes at least?