The entire Alt-Lite thought the retarded protest in front of Twitter’s New York City headquarters by the Jewess Laura Loomer was a really great thing.

Look at these tweets.

Molyneux also did a few videos on it and even interviewed Loomer about what happened.

In case you missed it, Loomer’s protest was centered around her belief that Twitter engaged in an anti-Semitic conspiracy and banned her because she’s an outspoken Jew. This despite the fact that Twitter has already banned almost every prominent Jew hater on the Internet. She was not protesting Twitter’s censorship of free speech, it was a protest centered around herself allegedly being a victim because of her Jewish racial identity.

There was nothing courageous about it. She’s a Jew and because she’s a Jew she has privileged status and faces no real negative consequences stemming from her racial activism. She also staged the protest in New York City which is the most Jewish place in all of America.

The fact that the Alt-Lite applauded this retarded spectacle is just more evidence showing that this entire gaggle of fools is willfully aiding and embedding international Jewry.