I have no idea why people are willfully putting these Amazon Alexa devices in their homes. This technology is starting to get increasingly creepier as this story shows.

The Sun:

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Alexa told a customer he was a “s**thead” after he asked it to play some music.

Michael Slade, 29 was shocking to hear his Amazon Echo Dot call him the rude name a day after he had cancelled his Prime subscription.

After coming home and asking the personal assistant to play some music, he got the reply: “Sure, here’s your playlist ****head on Amazon music. Sorry something went wrong.”

Although the voice assistant bleeped out the swear word, shocked, Michael, from Cwmbran, south Wales said: “I couldn’t believe it.

“I tried to cancel my subscription and had a short conversation with someone in customer services and the next day my Alexa is calling me names.

“I’ve spoken to technical support and they’ve never heard of this happening before.” The online business owner said he’s never set up a playlist on Amazon music and has no idea why it’s playing up.

Yeah, so he was called a “shithead” by his Alexa device after depriving Jeff Bezos with additional business. I’m sure Amazon has no idea how such a thing could have ever happened.

We are becoming far too dependent upon technology and incorporating technology in places where it is simply not necessary. This push to connect everything to the Internet, the rollout of 5G and the use of these artificially intelligent digital assistant devices should be re-evaluated.

Of course, I’m just a voice in the wilderness and this push is not going to slow. Uncle Ted aka the Unabomber was 100 percent right about all this technology. It is depriving people of leading meaningful lives and leaving people unhappy and unfulfilled. His manifesto was spot on.