So Alex Jones has said that YouTube has issued a third strike against his channel and that they are poised to delete him off the platform.

Now obviously as far as principles go, I totally disagree with YouTube banning Jones or anybody else from their platform for political speech. These platforms were marketed as neutral platforms where content could be shared and popularity of videos would be based on their merits. Banning Jones is a violation of what these social media sites claimed to be.

However, Jones was missing in action when the Alt-Right was subjected to all sorts of bans over the past few years. He didn’t even have anything to say about the Daily Stormer going through nearly 20 different domains since Charlottesville. But now that the ban hammer is being dropped on him, he’s going into full red alert mode.

It just shows you that Jones is full of shit. If he were a principled person he would have raised alarm bells about what happened post-Charlottesville but instead he and his cronies were silent. He’s only going ape shit about this continuing censorship phenomenon because it stands to impact his bottom line. Getting banned from YouTube will obviously limit sales of his various snake oil products.

Of course, we don’t yet know if Jones is really going to be banned from the platform yet. He could just be saying this as some type of marketing stunt but it’s also possible that what he is saying is true. There’s been a huge push over the past few weeks to silence moderate right wing voices on all social media platforms. They’ve been especially cracking down on anybody who has been posting videos critical of the gun grabbing, script reading Parkland teens David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez who have been all over the Jew-run media.

But at this point, I hope these Jew-run social media platforms ban all these moderate right wing voices. It’s not like they’re spreading any useful propaganda. None of them are talking about the Jewish infestation of our systems and have purposefully avoided this subject thinking that it would keep them safe from being banned. That’s not the case any longer.

So we want these kike-run sites to over reach with their bans. It will be the only way for us to get enough public support to demand their regulation.

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