Big tech conspired to ban Alex Jones from nearly all major social media platforms today. Most notably, his YouTube channel was shut down but he’s also been banned from iTunes, Spotify and partially banned from Facebook. All of this happened around the same time indicating that this was a coordinated effort. The only big platform that he hasn’t been banned from yet is Twitter and there are people foaming at the mouth demanding that this be the next step.

Honestly, I’m glad that Jones has been banned from these platforms. He had absolutely nothing to say when the Alt-Right got fully removed from social media following Charlottesville last year. He provided no commentary on the Daily Stormer having to go through roughly 20 different domain names in order to maintain a presence on the Internet. My own site was taken offline by a number of 3rd party hosting services and I was banned off of Twitter after only being on it for three weeks years before any of that happened.

He could have stood with us on the issue of free speech, but he unfortunately chose not to do so.

Even Tucker Carlson supported our right to free speech.

If he thought that he was going to be safe by ignoring the issue, he was dead wrong. We all knew that after shutting us down that they’d be moving on to people like him next.

These bans are going to hurt him greatly. He invested a great deal of money in staff that have been responsible for creating and delivering content on these platforms. And now that he can’t publish on the platforms, he’s lost revenue streams that supported his operation. All he has left is his website and they can go after his domain like they did with the Daily Stormer.

But the reason why I’m glad that Jones got banned is because it is going to cause a much larger group of people to take this issue of Internet censorship much more seriously.

Obviously I do not support people being banned for free political speech. Jones should have every right to say whatever the fuck he wants without being shut down by Silicon Valley’s thought police. But if high profile people like him have to be banned before things change than so be it.

I mean, after they’re done with Jones, they’re going to go after Breitbart and even Fox News personalities. Hell, anybody who supports Donald Trump will probably be shut down. They’re going to go after anybody of significance promoting views that aren’t derived from Jewish Marxism. That’s the end game with all this, a total and complete shut down.

Trump has publicly talked about how Twitter is shadow banning conservatives so he does have an awareness of the problem. Unfortunately, he’s taken no action on this even though it is something that absolutely has to be addressed. It’s vital for both the midterms and the 2020 election.

We are dealing with a group of monopolistic tech companies that have total control over the online public square. Their bans overwhelmingly impact people on the right. You rarely see anti-fascists and Communists get banned even if they threaten violence etc.. As I’ve said before, what’s happening is the 1960s equivalent of the telephone company banning someone from having a phone number because they don’t like their politics. It’s a completely insane dynamic and that is why the government needs to step in and deal with this issue head on.

This ban of Jones was obviously coordinated by all these large tech companies which are primarily run by Jews and in the case of Apple a dick sucking faggot. This should give even more ammunition for the government to step in and take on these monopolies which have conspired against the concept of free political speech.