Despite my many disagreements with Alex Jones over the years, there is no questioning that he is a charismatic and talented personality.

He just disrupted some type of Communist pro-censorship meeting in Texas. The footage is funny as fuck. It shows Jones in top form.

Admittedly much of what he said was zany and there was a good amount of stuff he ranted about that made no sense. He called these political leftists “Nazis” and “fascists” even though they are the exact opposite of that. He even talked about having “the documents” and warned about the Chinese Communists. It was all pretty wacky.

But none of that mattered because of how entertaining the rant was. It was like watching a heel wrestler.

Jones has the unique ability to tap into something similar to what the WWF wrestler the Ultimate Warrior did back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Ultimate Warrior was able to deliver promos that were highly entertaining even though much of what he said was crazy and incoherent.

Jones should keep doing this sort of thing but preferably to Democrats, “journalists” and lobbyists in Washington DC. He should also consider getting juiced up on steroids and snort multiple lines of cocaine before confronting his political enemies. This is what fueled the Ultimate Warrior’s excellent wrestling promos and I’m sure the same strategy could work for Jones.

I mean fuck, can you imagine how entertaining Jones would be if he were on steroids and cocaine? It’d be the most epic shit imaginable!