A channel dedicated to Alex Jones related content was kicked off of Roku after only being on the streaming platform for 24 hours.

USA Today:

Well, that didn’t take long.

Streaming device maker Roku pulled the plug on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars channel after having it among its content offerings for less than a day.

Roku on Monday added Infowars, which had been banned back in August from many online outlets including Apple Podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Spotify, Stitcher and YouTube. Twitter also banned Jones and the channel in September.

Roku’s move quickly led to the appearance and spread of a #BoycottRoku hashtag decrying the channel.

Tuesday night, Roku removed the channel, noting on Twitter: “After the InfoWars channel became available, we heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform. Deletion from the channel store and platform has begun and will be completed shortly,” the company tweeted.

On Infowars.com, Jones said the channel was actually “a fan-made channel with no direct involvement by us, and due to our general popularity it began trending on Roku.

He blamed “Democratic PR firms” with leading a crusade to get Roku to ban the channel and with “pushing the myth that my broadcast had encouraged listeners to visit and harass the families of Sandy Hook victims, which is an outright lie and a total fabrication,” he said. “This is simply censorship.”

This is just more proof that free speech does not exist on any major technology platform. If you don’t 100 percent agree with Jewish kikery, you are not allowed to have access to these sites. Jones doesn’t even talk about the kike problem and they started blacklisting him last year simply for having opinions that exist outside the mainstream Jewish narrative. Robust government regulation is absolutely needed to deal with this problem.

Here’s the tweet from Roku.

And “concerned parties” they say? I think we already know who the “concerned parties” were.