Al Gore says that all this cold weather proves global warming is real. That’s sound logic!

Al Gore the man best known for inventing the Internet, is claiming that the brutally cold weather we are seeing across the United States validates his global warming hoax theories.

Hilariously, Gore cites Michael Mann a crackpot nut to back his absurd claim. In the late 1990s, Mann published what has become known as the hockey stick chart. The chart claimed that global temperatures would rise exponentially. The chart has been used to push all sorts of global warming and climate change propaganda since.

Mann has consistently refused to release the data and models he used to compile this chart for peer review. This has caused serious questions about the credibility of his findings.

Colorado Springs Gazette:

Do you remember the “hockey-stick graph” published in 1999 that purported to show a recent catastrophic and rapid rise in global temperatures after a thousand years of gradual decline? That graph was the work of Michael Mann. It has been the centerpiece of the International Panel on Climate Change global warming propaganda and its efforts to impose global warming environmental regulations ever since.

Despite much controversy and criticism, Mann has staunchly refused to release all of the data and computer programs for peer review for 18 years now.

This has led to charges that he deliberately suppressed the true extent of what’s called the “Medieval Warm Period” to make recent temperature rises look far worse than they really are with respect to the normal swings in global temperatures having nothing to do with human activity.

Nice try, Al but I think I’ll trust my own experiences instead of some shady scientist with ulterior motives. Right now, I’m freezing my ass off. If global warming was a real thing, I would not be freezing my ass off. It doesn’t get much more objective than that.

I honestly expected more from the man who invented the Internet. Al needs to seriously step his game up!