This is what your taxpayer dollars go towards. The government wastes it trying to train a bunch of Afghan goat fuckers how to fly a sophisticated combat aircraft. And nearly half of them went AWOL in America during the training program.

Air Force Times:

A program to train Afghan attack pilots has been ended after the airmen kept going absent without leave, or AWOL, while training in the United States.

More than 40 percent of the Afghan Air Force students enrolled in the U.S.-based training program to fly the AC-208 Combat Caravan, a light attack combat aircraft, went AWOL, according to a quarterly report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR.

The training took place at Fort Worth, Texas, SIGAR told Air Force Times. Northrop Grumman operates a 5,000 square-foot custom-built classroom space located at Meacham Airport in Fort Worth.

“The AC-208 Training Center of Excellence is designed to provide partner nations with instructional classroom activities and initial aircrew and maintenance training on the Northrop Grumman modified AC-208 Eliminator aircraft,” a Northrop Grumman press release reads.

Those students that did not go AWOL were pulled back to Afghanistan to complete their training. As a result, only one class graduated from the U.S.-based program. The second and third classes will continue and finish their training in Afghanistan.

The fact that this program lasted as long as it did is insane. Whose idiotic idea was it to bring a bunch of Afghan goat fuckers over to America to begin with? And how does such a program benefit America?

Plus, does anybody know where these Afghan goat fuckers went? For all we know they could be plotting terrorism inside of our country.

The Afghan war is almost 20 years old. It should be ended. America’s prolonged military presence in that shithole of a country has not been of benefit to our country in the least. And the last thing we should be trying to do is train some low IQ Moslems who fuck goats how to fly combat aircraft.

The money spent on bullshit like this should be spent on helping the American people. But no, wars for the benefit of kikes in Israel are apparently more important.