The House Judiciary Committee now run by the Jew Democrat Chairman Jarold Nadler, dragged Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to testify in front of them today. It was a truly ridiculous display.

The entire hearing was just the Democrats badgering Whitaker about conspiracy theories and the special counsel. They kept asking him the same questions over and over again implying that there was a conspiracy with him not recusing himself from oversight of the special counsel.

One of the best parts was when Whitaker told the kike Nadler that his five minutes was up.

Other than that it was a really stupid hearing. Whitaker is going to be replaced in another week so this entire hearing was just an attempt at political theater by the Democrats.

I was not going to torture myself by watching the entire hearing, but from what I saw and heard, Whitaker held up pretty well and made the Democrats look foolish with their hostile line of questioning.