We will not be able to defeat the Jews if our people are abusing drugs and alcohol.

The Jew-dominated pop culture of the past several decades has been responsible for pushing some of the most unhealthy and bizarre lifestyles imaginable. Binge drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, drug use, homosexuality, race mixing and other weirdness have all been promoted as trendy and cool. They have promoted these things because they are ultimately destructive to us as a people. We need to reject this garbage.

The Jews want us to be weak and they certainly do not want us to be strong. If we are to have a successful cultural revolution moving forward, we need to ensure that we take care of ourselves. We won’t be able to defeat the Jews if our people are plagued with substance abuse problems. Strong men are what is needed to purge the Jew parasite from our nations. This is why I fully endorse and suggest that everyone maintain a straight edge lifestyle.

The term “straight edge” originated from a subculture of punk music to describe people who don’t use drugs and alcohol. Specifically, the term was coined from a 46 second song released in 1981 by the punk band Minor Threat. There are different extremes and variations of what this actually means, but to me it is simply a lifestyle choice where you choose not to pollute your body with crap.

I get that when you are younger it is normal to experiment with things. It is true that drugs and alcohol are usually among them. The issue comes when you let them control your life. I’ve seen many people ruin themselves because they failed to control their drug and alcohol consumption. The amount of human potential that has been wasted as a result of this is not easily measured.

Like many others, I did some minor experimentation of drugs and alcohol when I was younger. By the time I got into my early 20s, I realized that these things were not adding value to my life. That’s when I started scaling back my consumption of these things to the point now where I won’t even drink alcohol. In fact, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a beer. It’s been years now and I can say with great confidence that I don’t miss it in the least.

Admittedly, I’ve adopted a fairly puritanical stance on this and I’m not going to condemn someone who wants to have an occasional drink every now and then. As a grown man, that’s a decision for you to make. What I will say is that going fully straight edge has been a very positive lifestyle change for me as an individual.

Being straight edge gives you a solid foundation to accomplish tremendous physical feats. You’ll have much more energy and this will enable you to improve yourself. It is certainly much easier to achieve results at the gym when you are not hung over from a night of binge drinking. You’ll also be a much more productive individual as a result.

Heroin has destroyed the lives of millions of our people.  Think of all the human potential that was lost because our people chose to inject this garbage into their veins.

As a young man, you should be constantly testing yourself and pushing the limits of what your body is capable of. You can do this much more easily if you are not polluting your body with things that are not good for you.

Ultimately though, the decision of what you put into your body is yours and yours alone. All I can say is that going straight edge has been one of the best lifestyle decisions I have made for myself. It is a lifestyle choice that I believe each and everyone of you should consider.

Being straight edge opposes everything that the Jews have tried to push on us. This is perhaps the most important aspect of why I feel so strongly about promoting a straight edge lifestyle.

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