Luke O’Brien is a sad and delusional individual. He should really reevaluate what he has done with his life and sort out what went wrong.

There are lots of insane things that get published in the Jew run media, but some of the craziest stuff as of late has come from a writer whose done work for The Atlantic named Luke O’Brien. The Atlantic as we all know is a Jewish run publication known for its bias and lies.

It appears as if The Atlantic gave O’Brien the assignment of dissecting the life of Andrew Anglin the publisher of The Daily Stormer. The primary goal being to discredit Anglin’s work by digging up dirt from his past. The end result was one of the craziest articles imaginable. Much of the material wasn’t even remotely believable. Despite the inaccuracies, it was made the cover story for The Atlantic’s December 2017 issue.

He spent close to a year writing the piece even going so far as to harass Anglin’s family. The article which was meant to demonize Anglin has actually elevated Anglin and The Daily Stormer to greater cultural prominence.

After that massive failure, O’Brien is comically on a mission to find out where Anglin lives. He wrote a bizarre piece for the Huffington Post begging people for information on Anglin’s whereabouts.

This man is clearly insane. There is no reason to ask people for information on Anglin’s whereabouts. It is a known fact that Anglin lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Anglin confirmed this yet again in his response to O’Brien’s piece. In fact, I have been in Lagos for the past month working with Anglin to help support The Daily Stormer with additional material. I’ve already written many hundreds of articles for the site so I think that gives me some credibility on this issue.

For operational security purposes I initially told people I was going on a sex tourist trip to Eastern Europe. In reality, I am in Nigeria. This is why my article output on The Daily Stormer has greatly increased as of late. I have referenced this a few times on my Gab feed. Anglin has actually been in and out of the office several times.

I’m a bit confused as to why an investigative journalist like O’Brien wouldn’t just take a flight to Lagos and find out for himself. Instead, he’s making up stories about someone having seen Anglin at an Ohio grocery store. This is utterly retarded. Who would do such a thing?

Perhaps O’Brien is just a racist and scared of Black people. Nigeria isn’t all that bad though. Lagos has fast internet speeds and cheap prostitutes. In fact, you should see what 10,000 Nigeria Naira can buy you.

O’Brien is a delusional man who needs help. Unfortunately for him, he won’t accept anything we are saying at face value. Therefore, we might as well feed his delusions.

For now, send him as much false information on Anglin’s whereabouts to him. Hopefully this will give him incentive to finally make the trip to Lagos.

Here’s his contact information.

[email protected] 


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