Today is September 11th, 2018. This day marks the anniversary of one of the most significant historical events of our lifetimes. Even after 17 years, we still have not had a real national conversation about what happened that day. We are just told to believe the official story and to accept the insane policies of endless war, open borders and a domestic police state that have been implemented in response.

There are now a significant number of people around today who were born after the attacks took place. They have no memory of what happened that day. All they hear about is the official story describing how Moslem hijackers armed with box cutters flew planes into buildings. The thing is, the official story is obvious bullshit and the real culprits who were behind what happened have never been held accountable.

There’s numerous books and documentaries that have been done on the subject, but here’s a few key points that I distinctly remember from my research into the events.

Roughly an hour after the attacks took place, the Jew-run media was already blaming Osama Bin Laden for what happened despite not having any evidence or proof that he was involved. Curiously enough, Bin Laden worked with the CIA in Afghanistan against the Soviets during the 1980s. The Bin Laden family was also known to have close contacts with the Bush family. So basically, Bin Laden was an asset used as a scapegoat to blame the attacks on.

Around the time of the attacks, Bin Laden was reported to be in poor health and is widely believed to have died around that time. Many of the so-called Bin Laden videos that came out in the years to follow were fake as shit.

Take for example this one allegedly showing Bin Laden watching television. The video was shot in such a way where the person in the video could literally have been anyone. But this was sold to the American people as a legitimate and authentic video of Bin Laden.

On top of that, the official story of his death is highly questionable. They claimed that in 2010, a group of Navy Seals raided a Pakistan compound, shot him dead and then immediately dumped his body into the ocean. Obviously, they didn’t want anybody independently analyzing the body. That is of course if we are to assume that the entire “Zero Dark Thirty” Hollywood story of Bin Laden’s alleged killing is even remotely true. The whole story stinks to high heaven and no reasonable person should believe it.

There’s also little doubt that the attacks were pulled off by many Jews and Zionists.

Israel and Saudi Arabia gained the most from the attacks. Even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, the United States has gone on to only attack enemies of these countries. It’s also worth noting that George W. Bush when he was president was surrounded by pro-Israel, Zionist Jews in key positions. This is what led to the so-called “war on terrorism” that was really just a war to benefit Jews.

Israelis with connections to the Mossad were caught filming the towers before the attacks happened and were seen celebrating them. They were arrested and turned over to the FBI but were eventually allowed to return to Israel. Keep in mind, Robert Mueller, the same asshole involved in this ongoing witch hunt against Donald Trump was the head of the FBI when they had these Zionist agents in custody. He’s a traitor for letting them go.

And then you have the story of WTC-7 also known as the Salomon Brothers Building. This building wasn’t even hit with a plane, only had minor damage and collapsed at free fall speed as a result of some kind of controlled demolition.

The BBC reported that the building had collapsed even though it was still standing in the background during their report. They were provided the official narrative before the event took place 20 minutes later.

So basically WTC-7 was loaded with explosives before September 11, 2001 and there was some sort of coordination involved that allowed the true culprits to bring down the building. There’s no way to wire a 47-story building with explosives in a matter of hours. There are a number of theories as to why they would do this but WTC-7 housed numerous government offices before it was destroyed. It may have been done to conceal evidence of some kind. There may have been other motives involved as well.

The Twin Towers were also brought down with explosives. Buildings don’t just spontaneously collapse at free fall speed because of fire damage.

Take in point the Grenfell Tower in London. This building was entirely engulfed in flames and it did not collapse at free fall speed and disintegrate into dust like the Twin Towers did.

Point blank, a handful of Moslem hijackers couldn’t have done all of these things that happened that day.

I could go on and on about all sorts of other things like the weird military drills that were held. Or how there was no tangible wreckage of Flight 93 visible at the alleged crash site in Pennsylvania. Or how almost none of the camera footage shot at the Pentagon showing the alleged plane strike has ever been released. The footage that has been released is a joke and doesn’t provide any definitive proof of a plane hitting the building.

And how the hell did anything hit the Pentagon at all in the first place? The Pentagon is arguably the most secured building in the world. Pretty ridiculous how jets weren’t scrambled or anti-aircraft defenses weren’t on high alert especially considering what happened in New York earlier. Nothing should have been allowed to hit that building let alone a passenger aircraft.

So yeah, the entire story is complete and total fucking bullshit. And I just went over a small fraction of the many points that tears hole after hole into the official narrative. Yet despite that, politicians and the kike-run media acts like anybody who questions the official story is an insane conspiracy theorist. But it’s not conspiracy theory, it’s basic common sense.

We haven’t even been allowed to have a real conversation about the 9/11 attacks and all the stupid policies that have been implemented. Open Borders? Endless wars against Jewish enemies? A police state? It’s utterly retarded what’s transpired in the years after this.

The proper response to the 9/11 attacks would have been to close our borders and then immediately declare war against Israel and Saudi Arabia. The American government would have also rounded up all Jews and had them thrown in concentration camps. I am still hoping to see these things happen in my lifetime. Until those things happen, justice will not be served.