After President Trump’s State of the Union speech, CBS News did a poll asking people what they thought of it. 76 percent of the people polled approved of the speech.

Washington Examiner:

A clear majority of people who watched President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night liked what they saw.

According to a CBS poll, 76 percent of American viewers approved of the speech. However, the same poll said only 56 percent felt that the speech helped to unite the country, and just 33 percent said they think Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will work more closely together after the speech.

When broken down by party, almost all Republicans, 97 percent, said they approved of Trump’s speech, and 82 percent of independents said the same. Only 30 percent of Democrats, however, say they approved.

In the poll, conducted by YouGov, 72 percent of the 1,472 surveyed said that they viewed Trump’s points on immigration favorably, and 71 percent say that there is a crisis at the southern border.

As I mentioned last night, I thought there were some good parts about Trump’s speech but there was also quite a bit to dislike. It contained too much Jewish bullshit with nonsense about Holocaust hoaxers, Iran, Venezuela, GRIDS/AIDS, Jerusalem recognition etc.. It felt like he was trying to repackage his “America First” agenda to accommodate Jewish neocon crap.

Unfortunately, the American people are completely brainwashed into supporting the evil Zionist regime of Israel and believe that the Holocaust was real. So if you believe that Israel is our greatest ally and that the Holocaust of six million was the worst thing that ever happened in history, than I can see why you would think Trump’s speech was great.