Get a load of this bullshit. 56 percent of women allegedly want the orange man removed from office.

Daily Caller:

A new poll released by the Washington Post and ABC News indicates a major gender and partisan gap on Americans’ feelings about impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office.

According to The Post:

“Among Democrats, support for removing the president from office is overwhelming, with 82 percent in favor and 13 percent opposed. Among Republicans, it is almost the reverse, with 82 percent opposed and 18 percent in favor, even as the president’s approval rating reached a new low among members of his party. Independents are closely divided, with 47 percent favoring removal and 49 percent opposed.”

Other data from the poll indicates a large gender gap in Americans’ feelings on impeachment. 56 percent of women want to see Trump impeached and removed, while only 42 percent of men do.

Even though these polls are put out for the purposes of political propaganda, 56 percent is still a fairly high number. I don’t care if the poll was rigged or not. It does indicate that a large percentage of women do in fact want the orange man removed from office.

But the orange man hasn’t done a single thing that warrants impeachment. These women and a smaller handful of cucked men, have been brainwashed by the Jewish media to believe that the orange man did something to warrant this.

Clearly, women are more easily brainwashed by mass media. It’s why the majority of advertising targets women. And this is why women should not be allowed to vote. Too many of them are incapable of any sort of critical thought and just believe whatever they are told by Jewish propagandists. It’s literally impossible to have a functioning political system with women having a say in it.