The high level end result of what happened last night is that the Democrats were able to secure a slim majority in the House and the Republicans were able to secure a larger majority in the Senate. Not an ideal result, but it could have been much worse. Despite losing the House, there are some positives that have come out of this.

For starters, the Republican Party has been purged of most cuckservative types. Many of these cuckservatives like Paul Ryan, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake opted to retire instead of running for office again. Sure, Mitt Romney won the Senate seat in Utah, but outside of that, most of the Republican House and Senate candidates that won were 100 percent pro-Trump Republicans. Trump proved that running on his agenda instead of distancing away from it was a winning strategy.

We have also seen a clear dividing line emerge. The Republican Party is the party of the White man where as the Democrat Party is the party of Jews, insane feminists, faggots and low IQ colored individuals.

The good news is that with a larger majority in the Senate, Trump will be able to appoint an increasing amount of right leaning judges. And one of the few things Mitch McConnell has been good at is getting judges through the Senate. They’ll be able to spend the next two years focusing in on that.

Trump will also have more flexibility to shake up his cabinet. My assumption is that we’ll see some of this start to happen soon. Specifically with the Department of Justice but there will probably be other shake ups.

The Democrat’s majority in the House is so small, that they won’t be able to get anything of substance accomplished. They can either choose to work with Trump on issues that there should be common ground on like infrastructure, or they can go the route of impeachment and endless investigations.

The thing is, these investigations won’t go anywhere. The Senate is not going to support an impeachment of Trump, so if they choose to do endless investigations into dumb shit like Trump’s taxes or his cell phone usage, they’re going to look like fools.

Of course, the Jew Adam Schiff and low IQ Maxine Waters will probably choose to go through these dumb investigations any way. And quite frankly, I hope they go ahead and do them. They’re just going to show an increasing amount of people how ridiculous and retarded they are.

But since the Republican Party controls the Senate, they can launch endless investigations into the Democrats.

Most of the Democrats who flipped Republican House seats ran on a more moderate platform. So if the Democrats go totally crazy, they’ll most certainly lose those seats back to Republicans in 2020.

This was definitely not a perfect result, but it was pretty good considering the history of midterms. Usually the party occupying the presidency loses some ground in the midterms, but in this case Republicans gained ground in the Senate and lost some ground in the House.

It’s looking like 2020 is going to be an even larger battle for the future of America. And that battle is going to be increasingly along racial lines more than anything else.