This week was a really bad one for the Jewish fake news industry. Between Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and other fake news operations about 1,000 fake news assholes were fired.

Mark Dice’s video goes into more detail.

President Trump just chimed in as well criticizing the terrible journalism of these organizations.

It’s really remarkable to see how many shekels have been poured into these failing fake news operations. But even with all of the shekels, they’re having a hard time sustaining them especially when there is such a large number of people who don’t believe any of the lies they’re pushing.

The Jews have a had a really hard time dealing with the Internet and establishing their false narratives with these new media platforms. Unlike years ago, people can easily check their work and call them out if they’re full of shit. They really fucked up and were way behind the curve on the transition from print/television media to Internet media. It’s also a big reason why Trump got elected and why we see populism and nationalism gaining momentum in Europe.